4 essential tips for anyone planning a wedding
December 3, 2022

4 essential tips for anyone planning a wedding

Planning a wedding

Anyone who dreams of throwing a wedding someday, no matter the shape or size, knows you need a good dedicated financial reserve to make it happen. 

After all, like any good celebration, this also requires at least a nice space to accommodate people nearby, good music, and food, and for all this, you need to invest money, time, and energy. 

If you want to get married and consider it a long-term plan — more than a year or two until the scheduled date — there are a number of factors in your favor, but this deserves just as much consideration as a planned ceremony for a closer date. 

That is why we have given you some tips to be able to plan in the best way, especially from a financial point of view. 


1. View and review the guest list 

Every celebration starts with a guest list, and having the time to create, improve, and revise in particular is a great way to make several filters and, in the end, call out who is really important to share the moment with the couple. 

Therefore, be sure to do this as many times as you deem necessary, after all, everyone is very valuable right now – both from an emotional and financial point of view. 

Consider the profile of the party you want to throw, whether with a large number of guests or a small number of guests and adapt your menu. 

But what if someone you know is upset about not being invited? It is worth warning in advance that it will not be possible to contact anyone else, to schedule celebrations in parallel, in a small bar, for example. 

2. Make a list of references and priorities

Another important thing for those who have more time until the important day is the change of direction. Many novelties will appear on the wedding market over time: from shape to decoration, from clothing to souvenirs, absolutely everything can change by that time. 

Therefore, the advice before this selection process is Separate everything that draws the attention of the couple into pictures, so as to try to find a common point among all, and together identify the elements that cannot be missing. Because that way, they are likely to be more relaxed in their decision-making, no matter how many other “newer” temptations appear, and they take fewer risks. by spendingfor what they don’t need. 

You can use a shared folder or an app like Pinterest to do this. 

Expressive wedding photo



3. Research prices as much as you can

“Money, where do I begin?” 

As we commented above, knowing who to invite, and what not you missed, are the key questions to understand a little bit about how much you are going to spend. With that in mind, research is a must! 

In this way, you can see all possible suppliers, the price and delivery of each of them, and especially the annual adjustment that this type of service involves. After all, if you were to get married in two or three years, the amount wouldn’t be the same as today for a wedding. 

Do you need to save more money for a wedding? Face52 week challenge Get in the habit of saving an amount every week.

4. Invest money to increase your bargaining power

For those who have more time to organize and plan, the upside is precisely saving and investing as much as possible right away. 

The negotiation period for each supplier varies greatly, but the basic premise of all of them is that full payment is made by the wedding date, and the vast majority do not create a payment flow of more than 12 months to that date. However, the trap that many people tend to fall into is sharing these services as much as possible. 

Remember: the longer the repayment period, the higher the interest that is undoubtedly included. So, as we said at the beginning, if you can save as much a year ahead of the date as you can, you’ll pay less interest and have more negotiating power for cash. 

And you, are you planning your own wedding, or are you already married, do you have any valuable finds to share? Leave some tips for people here!

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