Don’t know how to organize your money and make up your money? How about starting to control your personal expenses and finances withMonthly expense spreadsheet?

One of our interests is helping you with personal financial oversight and financial education. We believe you can follow your dreams, all it takes is a little planning and organization.

For example: Do you know the exact amount of your salary including cents? Remember, what should be taken into account here is the net salary, with taxes already deducted.

For those who still don’t have a handle on their monthly expenses, the worksheet is a great start!

What will you see in this guide?

We break down the full content of an expense spreadsheet, explaining its importance for personal financial control and in what situations it can be your ally.

In addition, we will help you understand your money flow, consumption habits, ways to better organize your personal finances, and determine your expenses and profits, in addition to explaining how to start investing. Everything is for you to take control of your financial life the right way.

Are you ready to put your money in order and change your financial life?

Keep reading and see everything you need to know about our Financial Oversight Worksheet!

What is the monthly expense schedule? How does it work?

An expense spreadsheet is an expense journal, where you put everything you earn and spend during the month.

Values ​​are added by computer or cell phone, and you can, like a touch of magic, To see where your money is going. Simple, right?

How does the expense spreadsheet work?

With an expense spreadsheet, you can control everything that goes in and out of your account, knowing where your money goes and organizing yourself for the specific needs of each month, allowing you to make dreams come true and achieve goals.

There are expense spreadsheets in manual and automated formats, as well as daily, fortnightly, or monthly fill-in options. In it you can put not only personal expenses, but also household, company, and so on.

Remember, it is important to have a financial control spreadsheet for each type of follow-up, Which spreadsheet is for your personal finances and another for the company, Good?

Step-by-step to getting started with a monthly expense spreadsheet

We will now explain how to fill in the monthly expense spreadsheet.

With it, you will be able to put everything in and out of your account, record the dates of movements, list the investments you make, the number of their returns at the end of the month, and much more!

All in a simple way, with graphics, easy to handle and that will allow you to control your money and have more and more power over your money.

In general, you can organize two schedules of expenses: Complete and simplified. Basically, the difference between them is that a full option is a great option for you to understand in detail all that the material can offer you, while the simplified version is a smaller-sized version of the first.

A complete expense spreadsheet will allow you to distribute your money and control it using the fate method a great way to organize expenses and save money.

In addition, the Complete Expense Worksheet features a tab that analyzes all of your expenses, shows in greater detail where your money is going, compares your current funds to the ideal breakdown suggested by the Fate Method, and even displays the contents of our blog to improve your account. Financial Supervision.

Important!On the complete worksheet, you must enter your expenses inlog book. If you try to fill in the monthly tabs, a warning appears that the spreadsheet is protected. Don’t worry, that’s it: just use the history tab.

The simplified expense spreadsheet does not have the option to follow the pot method nor does it include the tab for analyzing your finances, but, like the full spreadsheet, it presents your monthly and yearly expenses in a very simple and illustrative manner.

Next, we will show you each in more detail each worksheet.

Complete calculation table

Starting with the full expense spreadsheet, in “SettingsYou’ll enter your initial balance, the month it refers to, as well as choose the type of goal you prefer – manual or automatic.

If you choose automatic targeting, the pot method will be used to distribute your spending.

If you choose manual aiming, you can choose whether or not to follow the suggested split.

Then we get to the tab that corresponds to “log book”. In it you will put all your financial transactions, record if money was entered into your account or left, what type of transaction it is, what category it fits, as well as the value, form, description, and date.

All are complete and easy to pack.

Once you’ve entered all of your records, you can browse tabs 1 through 12, corresponding to the months of the year. Here is an explanation: In the log book you will find two columns:

  • date of registration: is the effective date when there is a change in your budget;
  • The movement history on this date is for planning purposes only and does not need to be completed. For example, you could put that in a couple of months in making an investment, but the worksheet would just as well work without that information.

To get an annual view of what was recorded, simply click on the “Tab” annual and check out how the Personal Financial Oversight Worksheet was distributed throughout the year.

Finally, we have the labrador, represented by the graph symbol on the last tab of the worksheet and by a numeric sign in the upper right-hand side on the Monthly and Yearly tabs.

In it you will be able to analyze all your financial results and you will be able to compare your financial planning to the betting challenge, which is a great opportunity to balance your finances.

In addition, you can also receive tips and suggestions for articles to improve revenues, investments, and reservations, and reduce expenses.

To consolidate and not have any doubts: In a complete expense spreadsheet, you must use the ledger to enter all your financial transactions.

The calculations will be done automatically in the respective month tabs, so you don’t have to worry about filling them in. In fact, only the log book can be edited; Monthly tabs are for presentation purposes only.

Simplified calculation table

You can also download a simplified expense spreadsheet. While not all features of a full expense spreadsheet are available, you can track where your money goes and take control of your monthly finances.

In addition, your financial transaction records can be entered directly into the monthly tabs.

And this is the main difference from a full expense spreadsheet: here you can enter your transaction values ​​directly into the monthly tabs,Where there is no record book .

Additionally, in the simplified worksheet, the yearly view of your expenses is very similar to the full worksheet option.

It should be noted that the simplified spreadsheet does not have a radar view, as does the full spreadsheet.

What do you think of spreadsheets? Now all you have to do is organize your file, start using it and access all these features!

By writing down all your budget moves on a financial control spreadsheet, It is much easier to keep track of your budget and get the funds you need to make your dreams come true!

6 questions you may have about the financial oversight worksheet

1. How to organize the expense schedule?

After you start using the Monthly Expenses Worksheet, some questions will come up and they are very natural. So, you need to Analyze what your needs are And what you are looking for using the spreadsheet.

For example: Do you have a fixed salary? Do you live alone or share a place with friends or family? What are the housing expenses of your firmware? Or what expenses do you want to reduce? Need to part with a little money to pay course fees or start investing?

These are just some of the questions you can ask yourself to be able to organize your personal expense spreadsheet in the way that best suits your goals.

Also, don’t forget to sign all your fixed expenses they are the ones that should come first when filling out your expenses.

2. A message appears stating that the worksheet is protected, what should I do?

If you download the entire expense spreadsheet and try to fill in the relevant tabs for each month, a message appears saying that the spreadsheet is protected.

This is because this template is designed for you to use the ledger to take notes of all the movements in your budget.

Thus, the calculations are done automatically, and when you click on the month tab, you will see that the value will appear there in the correct field.

That is, it is normal for you to have this alert, but you can still use your spreadsheet without any problem, what you have to do is fill in the log book.

3. How often do I need to update and review the Expense Control Worksheet?

After writing down, mapping, and summarizing what goes in and out of your account with your spreadsheet, it’s time to assess the ideal frequency for updating the data in it.

This is a step that depends a lot on your organization, it includes the payment dates for your expenses and the days you receive your money.

To make it easier to monitor your expenses and improve your financial control-You can look at the spreadsheet every week and update some data if necessary.

But it can also be every 15 days or monthly. There is no perfect deadline, you have to do some tests and select the time frame that best fits your routine to keep your money under control.

Our advice is that you do an analysis at least a month before you hand in or receive your salary.

If your expenses don’t align with the financial planning you’ve prepared, it’s time to adjust your finances to correct coupons and improve results for the following month.

4. How can I customize the worksheet to my needs?

Tailoring the financial control worksheet to your needs is one of the most important Key success factors in your financial planning.

So, if you are looking to take control of your personal, family or company financial budget or even plan a trip, just follow all the tips we show throughout the article.

Then, just download one of the sample expense spreadsheets we suggested.

5. I’ve started using the spreadsheet, what’s next?

Now that you’ve taken this important step towards taking better care of your money, how about you start saving? with52 week challenge Create the habit of saving little by little each week.

You can start with just $1 and at the end of the year, you will have enough money to make your dream come true.

Do you want to join this challenge? It’s free! By clicking the button below, you can download your free bundle complete with a table, spreadsheet, and guide to help you save each week more easily.

6. Why start organizing finances in Excel or Google Sheets?

Now let’s talk a little about the main applications that you can use to create or download a personal financial control worksheet: Excel and Google Sheets.

These are the two best apps you can find when it comes to using spreadsheets To organize your money. It is complete and easy to use and you can find many tips about it on the internet.

In addition, these tools do not need to be installed to use them, as everything is online and accessing them is very easy.

And more: they both have the same formulas and properties, and you can make multiple tables, graphs, and calculations in both.

Whose personal expenses worksheet?

Who wants to get out of the red zone?

The end of the month isn’t even here and your paycheck’s gone? Or do you start the month needing to pay off overdue debts?

If your answer is yes to any of the above questions, then the expense spreadsheet is for you!

Who wants to save

Well, it just can’t include all of this on your monthly expense spreadsheet, after all, anyone who wants to save needs to know where the money is going.

Who wants to control spending?

Without good control over your monthly expenses, it will be difficult for you to organize your finances to save money, and create emergency reserve, make investments, and achieve the goals that you want so much.

That’s why the Expense Control Worksheet is important to you! In a simple way you will be able toTake control of your money .

Who wants to invest

Before you start investing, you need to save money. And believe me, this can be easier than it sounds.

By putting all cash inflows and outflows on a personal spending sheet, You will be able to see which categories contribute or need To interest in improving your personal financial control.

In this way, it will be easier to set aside a little money each month to take the first steps in the world of investments.

The importance of exercising personal financial control in the right way

Improve how you manage your money

There are several ways to control your personal or family budget and spending. Someone likes to take a notebook and write down everything in it, or record movements in a cell phone book.

And everything is fine! If you can control everything that goes in and out of your account through your notebook, notes on your cell phone, or other methods, you’re on the right track.

But know that you can always improve and the expense spreadsheet was created for that.

On the other hand, if you haven’t found a way to take control of your money, there’s no better time to start.

Better understand your money flow

On what business day do your funds enter the account? When is your credit card bill due? On what day should water and electricity bills be paid?

There are different dates that we need to control in order to understand the flow of money and not leave anything behind.

Also, after paying the bills, you can see if your income is enough to cover the expenses for the month and if you still have a little money left.

However, if you end up with zero to zero (spending whatever you earn) or if your expenses are greater than your earnings and the month ends in a negative, Then you need to reverse this scenario immediately.

Get more clarity about your consumption habits

With the right consumption habits, it is possible to reduce expenses, control money, profit from income, and achieve goals.

At first, it seems like something out of reality, but it is not and there is no secret. To implement good consumption habits, it is essential to have financial control.

With the Expense Control Worksheet, you will be able to take control of your finances, and see what consumption habits you need to change or put into practice in your daily life.


Better organization of your personal finances

Do you know where your money goes each month? The answer to this question is one of the pillars of spending control and financial oversight.

To understand your money trajectory, it is necessary to determine how much you earn (net salary value) and the amount you spend (total expenses).

earnings type

Determine where your money comes from. This depends on whether you are a salaried employee, casual worker, apprentice, pension recipient, or self-employed, for example.

From the amount you receive, you need to consider the amount after all mandatory deductions, to reach the actual amount available to you.

Expense types

There are two types of expenses: fixed and variable.

fixed expenses

Fixed expenses are expenses that you have practically every month. It can vary but must be paid no matter what situation you’re in.

As prime examples, we can mention your home rent, TV/Internet subscription, college or school fees, gym, finance and loan installments, and taxes.

To find out what your fixed expenses are, you need to collect bills paid for the past few months and identify recurring expenses, that is, those that you paid for the entire analyzed period.

You can also break down fixed expenses into essential and unnecessary.

some examples:

  • Basic fixed expenses: rent, mortgages and loans, school/college fees, car insurance;
  • Redundant fixed expenses: gym, cinema, subscription to online services.


variable expenses

Variable expenses, in turn, correspond to expenses that vary according to the amount you consume from them. Expenses such as water, electricity, telephone, fuel, food, gas, entertainment, and clothing, for example, can be considered variable.

This kind of expense can be reduced or better organized by you, and believe me, it can make a good difference in your bills at the end of the month.

Monthly Expense Spreadshee

Categorize expenses more easily

By determining where your money goes, you can take control of your financial life and modify your spending according to the circumstances you are in.

For example, if you’re going through a delicate financial moment and need to cut back on expenses, just find the expense categories that take up your money the most or aren’t essential and cut back on those services.

As a main category of expenses, we can mention:

  • Homepage;
  • food;
  • Transportation;
  • health;
  • education;
  • comfort;
  • Clothes;
  • Personal care.

Accomplishing this task may be easier than you think, and even more so if we use technology as an ally.

After you’ve sorted out all the monthly expenses you’ve set and the exact amount you earn per month, it’s time to put everything in one place to take control of finances.

The Expense Control Worksheet can do it all for you!

6 advantages of having a monthly account schedule

Throughout the text, you should have already outlined some of the advantages of having a personal expense spreadsheet to help take control of your personal finances.

Among them are the fact of balancing your finances, cutting costs, understanding where your money is going, getting out of debt, and even saving more money to achieve your goals.

And it doesn’t stop there: it’s worth highlighting more about the benefits of this tool and how it can help you take control of your money once and for all.

Check out the details of each of the benefits below!

1. Take a little time out of your day

The monthly expense spreadsheet is easy to update and you can quickly organize your bills, without taking up too much time in your daily routine.

2. Easy to use

It may seem at first that a spreadsheet is complex and contains many fields, but over time you will realize how easy it is to use it. No calculations, configuration or nothing is necessary: ​​all fields are already configured, formulas are also ready.

3. 100% free

Paying for a spending sheet? not here! Our worksheet is 100% free because our goal is to help you with your financial organization and to be your partner on your journey. Just download and start using it!

4. The spreadsheet does the math for you

As mentioned above, all settings are done, so you don’t even need to use a calculator, because ready-made formulas will do the calculation for you. Just enter the values ​​that indicate your movements and that’s it, the calculations will appear ready on the worksheet.

5. It facilitates the organization and reduces paper usage

No more writing everything down in a pile of papers: With the Financial Control Worksheet, you can say goodbye to that mess and still contribute to the environment.

6. Ensures the security of your information

When organizing your expense spreadsheet, it becomes yours to; It is as if you created it from scratch and it belongs only to you. Ie: We don’t have access to any data included in it, so we don’t have to worry.

In addition, by centralizing all information in one place, you ensure that nothing is lost along the way in notes scattered on papers or in various documents on your computer.

So, are you ready to start using Neon Monthly Account Spreadsheet?