The Marshmallow Test and Finance: What’s the Relationship?
December 4, 2022

The Marshmallow Test and Finance: What’s the Relationship?

Have you ever watched a video with cute kids doing their best to resist delicious marshmallows?

The marshmallow test is a psychological experiment that is famous for demonstrating how difficult it is to give up fun Now for a bigger reward later. 



But what does this have to do with you, your plans, and your success in financial, professional, or business affairs? 

In this article, you will understand how this test proves that the ability to self-control can affect your achievements in life.

Read on!

What is the marshmallow test?

The marshmallow test is the name given to a series of experiments conducted with children from the 1960s onwards at Stanford University in the United States. The one who came up with this idea is a psychologist named Walter Mischel. 

He even wrote a book about the marshmallow test and explains how willpower works, as well as the mental mechanisms that can help in a person’s daily life, from the simplest to the most complex decisions.


These experiments aimed to measure children’s self-control, that is, the ability to control emotions and desires now for a future goal.

were mechanisms the test very simple: they took A child was taken to a room and they left candyDeliciouson a table in front of him.

Despite the popularity of marshmallows, They also tested it with chocolate, cookies, crackers And ice cream, And dessert anyway. The child chose his favorite candy. 

Then a researcher instructed the child and said that if he waited for a little longer in the room alone without eating candy, he will receive two pieces of candy!  

However, if you eat dessert or request to leave the room early, you will not earn the bonus. It even looks like punishment, but it’s not: it’s just that psychological experiment.


Marshmallow Test

Then it all happened. Some children managed to control themselves not to eat, while others could hardly wait for the researcher to exit the room and pounced on the treats.

Still, others try to find a way to have a little fun without getting caught, for example, by biting or licking candy and then hiding evidence of the crime so the researcher won’t notice! Smarties, right?

The video below shows the reaction of children who took part in a new test that was taken recently.

Restraint and the marshmallow test

One of the most interesting aspects of testing MichelleIs that the test did not stop there. Follow the psychiatrist and his team of children over contracts To see how their lives were going in different aspects. Do you know what they discovered?

Children who have the greatest willpower to wait and resist the temptation of a marshmallow are the most successful in the future.

They had higher scores on indicators of academic aptitude and self-esteem than the rest. They were also healthier, were able to pursue their goals, and faced moments of frustration and stress with more resilience.

But does that mean that those who couldn’t resist the marshmallow didn’t have the same chances of having a fulfilling life? No way!

Is it possible to develop self-control and willpower?

surely_ After a lifelong study of self-control, Michelle reached the conclusion that capacityPostponing immediate pleasure in the name of future benefits is already something to be gained. That is: willpower is something that can be developed! 

Scientists wrote self in abookThe marshmallow test: Why Willpower is the key to success.” 

But it’s not just having the ability to resist instant gratification that matters. 

“The effectiveness of the process depends not only on skills but also on an understanding of the goals and values ​​that guide the journey, as well as strong motivation to overcome obstacles along the way.” As the author explains in his post.

Money is all about self-control

Have you noticed that this talk of willpower is directly related to How to manage your money? This is emotional intelligence in finance.

Whether it’s making your paycheck pay off or even running your business well, everyone needs it To a lot of self-control and willpower to think about the future and not spend it all today.  

It’s not easy, but you have this power and Neon is here to help you build a bright future.

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Marshmallows are gringo candy, right? But, if you make an effort, there is no brigade, Pachuca, or coconut that will get you off the path to success! 

Tell us in the comments if you already know the marshmallow test.

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